Insurance Coverage

Did you know if you have insurance coverage for massage therapy?

Massage therapy treatments are not covered under OHIP, regardless of whether or not the treatments are required by a physician however most progressive extended health benefit plans do cover massage therapy treatments when provided by a Registered Massage Therapist. 

When paying through an insurance plan, some Massage Therapists will bill directly while others will require payment for the client who then submits the claim to their insurance provider.  Ask your Massage Therapist prior to initiating treatment.

Some insurance plans may require a physician's referral prior to the start of massage therapy treatments while others allow treatment without referrals.  Most plans have a maximum amount available.  Please consult your extended health benefit plan.

The following is a summary of reimbursement options available:

  • Employer Sponsored Extended Health Insurance Plans, which may be administered by private companies
  • Consumer Purchased Extended Health Insurance Plans
  • Veterans Affairs Canada, in the case of war veterans
  • Private Automobile Insurance Companies, in the case of clients who are victims of motor vehicle accidents (under authority of the Auto Insurance Rate Stability Act, 1996)
  • The Work Place Safety and Insurance Board, in the case of workers injured on a work site (under the authority of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997)        
  • Transportation to a massage therapy office may also be reimbursed to persons who qualify under the Ontario Disability Support Programme.


For more information, ask your massage therapist.


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